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BUSINESS PLAN. Currently he works as an education and training officer with Kenya union of savings and credit co-operatives (kuscco). Mr Chepkurui who is the owner and director of Naet inspire has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Human resource management option and involveoqshz.ml Counseling both from Kenya Methodist university/5(13). The Greek Golf Training Centers is a golf complex in Athens, Greece that will provide members an opportunity to participate in continuous golf training with expert help. Golf Course Training Center Business Plan Sample - Executive Summary | Bplans. SAMPLE BUSINESS PLAN FITNESS PLUS, INC Disclaimer: This is a sample business plan, so the company and business information are fictitious. This plan reflects our standard business plan model, and changes in outline and structure can be made as per client specifications.

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Computer training services have an excellent profitability level and growth rate. Our competitive edge along with new training techniques puts EOC at the forefront of training services. We are living in an age where computer knowledge is a must and the market for computer training services is booming.

Enhanced Occupations Center is a computer training service business located at N. Fifth Street, Seattle, Washington. Computer training services, as shown in our plan, have an excellent profitability level and growth rate, training center business plan. Our training center will differ from the traditional computer training services usually offered by colleges and universities because of our added personal touch.

The Enhanced Occupations Center EOC knows firsthand that computer training has to meet all of its customers' training center business plan in order to have a tangible lasting impact.

When you measure across multiple customer segments—each of which has its own priorities—you see how much more training must do to consistently and simultaneously satisfy participants, managers, and executives. Training then can move to close those gaps and deliver more real value. Closing those gaps between employer skill needs and employee skills development is the main objective of EOC.

EOC's mission is to understand what our students and businesses hope to achieve and dedicate our computer training and development to the fulfillment of those goals. The computer training we provide is contributing visibly and substantially to the fulfillment of our area business's strategies. EOC will maintain financial balance, charge a high value for our services, and deliver an even higher value to our clients.

EOC will make computer user techniques accessible to hundreds of computer users who would otherwise not have the updated knowledge to use them.

EOC will make a profit and generate cash. We will provide a rewarding work environment and fair compensation to our employees, ultimately provide excellent value to our customers and a fair return to our owners. EOC's keys to success include: implementing an effective cash flow plan, achieving efficiency, running our training like a business, and maintaining a serious business discipline to everything in our training. The program was developed for the University of Washington to provide basic computer training to the North Seattle Community area residents and Peters school's Leadership Academy.

The training was provided for four parents per session, two sessions per week for sessions. Upon completion of the program the students will received a certificate. Serena learned from the project and the community that there is a growing need for computer training that is based on the student or employer's goals and skills assessment needs.

After the four-month project ended, and for a year after the program, Serena analyzed, researched, training center business plan, and redeveloped the program based on those needs. During her year of research and studies, Serena developed her knowledge base of curriculum development and training center business plan, return on investment for Technology-Based Training TBTtraining management systems, development teams for creating TBTs, ensuring transfer of learning to the job, leveraging technology for human performance improvement and computer training statistics.

Now Serena was ready to bring all of the above components together, along with the communities' needs, and package them into a plan for the birth of her vision.

After speaking with Martin Rawlins, Director of the Office, there is still a growing need for basic and advanced computer training. Martin has offered technical assistance and support to EOC and the assistance has been welcomed and accepted.

Microsoft will also provide the security of having MicroShare, a technical support team, available to EOC hours a day. Serena has eleven years of training center business plan computer use and training experience, and is also a Microsoft Certified Testing Administrator.

The details are included in the following chart. The Enhanced Occupations Center will be located at N. The suite is approximately square feet and encompasses two offices, a receptionist area, and a foot open training area. The suite is housed inside a secure building. There are restroom facilities and a drinking fountain located in the foyer area. The doors on the building automatically lock at P. Anyone entering after that time must use a personal code.

The building is located between Marshall and Stanton roads and is near one of the state's largest employers, General Hospital. The building is surrounded by restaurants, stores, training center business plan, etc.

EOC training center business plan offer the following training and assessment services. Each element of service will be implemented in overlapping phases, training center business plan. Class tuition payments must be paid to EOC in full, before the student can take a class. EOC will offer several payment options to the student such as: Visa, MasterCard, money orders, and personal checks, training center business plan.

We will provide core curriculum designed to train individuals from basic computer skills to certification competencies. Students will be retained through Step-Level Based Training indicated below:. The test consists of actually taking the exam to be come a Microsoft Office User Specialist.

This certification will give the student the credentials needed to prove that the student knows how to use Microsoft Office Applications efficiently and productively. EOC believes that assessing a customer before and after a class will give us the real value of our training. EOC also will follow up 30 days after the training to see if the student actually retained what was learned and if the student was able to apply the skills in their current environment.

EOC also believes in assessing our own staff. We will conduct ongoing Skill Level Needs Assessments of our own employees across the Center, aimed at making computer training more strategic and providing computer training that has more of a business impact. We will continually seek to be effective for future student and business needs.

Our key focus is to utilize training center business plan program outcomes to improve and increase our computer training effectiveness in the workplace. EOC training center business plan provide an assessment service to local businesses as their pre-interviewing process.

There will be a fee attached to this service. The assessment appointment will be by the company and they training center business plan give instructions as to our location, training center business plan, etc.

EOC will only do business transactions with the company. The typical computer training class will run 2 hours, twice a week, for four weeks or a total of 16 hours of training. Our capacity for weekly classes, for training center business plan month, training center business plan, would be a total of 72 students. Our workshops are one day, eight-hour classes. These classes are geared towards the individual wanting to brush up or learn a skill quickly without the long-term commitment.

The computer training classes will be scheduled as listed below. The specific subject of the class won't be established until we receive customer response to advertising and promotions. EOC differs from the traditional learning environments where the classes are large and sometimes overwhelming to new students. EOC believes that by having smaller classes no training center business plan than 8 students the trainer can be more attentive to the majority of the students' needs.

We focus on quality training, not quantity. Our fees are justified by the specialization of our personalized services. Once we learn the immediate needs of our typical customer, we can create our marketing literature to address these problems and our solutions to them, such as:.

If so, call the Enhanced Occupations Center at for personalized hands-on training in the most popular software packages. EOC will capitalize on the rule and target low-maintenance customers that bring us the most revenues for the least effort.

According to W. Business Consultants, 80 percent of computer training revenues come from 20 percent of our customers. We will use a program for tracking customers, sales, and our time. And then we will focus our efforts on the best 20 percent of our customers. We will target these people first and give them preferred status. EOC will then market our services to everyone else. We will "weed out" the customers that want to nickel and dime EOC, and make us rework a project over and over while they keep changing their minds about what they want.

Secretarial Training Classes —The student will learn about daily routines, telephone usage, mail services and shipping, travel arrangements, keeping accurate records, office machines, telecommunications equipment, training center business plan, computer systems, database management systems, computer communications, computerized spreadsheets software, data security, keyboarding skills, word processing, computer terms, writing business letters, and other written communications, forms of address, legal documents and terms, correct English usage, spelling, pronunciation, punctuation, numerals, bookkeeping and accounting, business and personal taxes, banking, special business and financial information for the small business secretary, training center business plan career advancement.

Retail Self-paced Learning manuals —The student will be able to order or purchase outright, computer workbooks to use as added supplements. Senior Citizens Classes —Seniors will be picked up at their location and brought to the center for two hours to learn the basics of using a computer. These students will not be able to keep materials. This service will be at a senior discounted rate.

Web Page Design Classes —The student will learn the basics of how to design a web page. The U. The number one main purpose for computer use is word processing.

The number training center business plan software used for these applications is Microsoft Word. EOC will be focusing on new computer users and employed computer users that need to gain skills or update current skills. Our most important group of potential customers are those employed with high-technology businesses. These are entry-level employees or managers. We realize businesses do not want to waste their time or risk their money with training organizations that are fast paced with low skills retention outcomes.

Census Bureau County Population report from states that there are approximatelypeople living in King County. As of the fall ofnearly 1 in 3 persons age 3 and above will have used a computer. Overall about 1 in 6 adults has a home computer. More than 1 in 3 adults uses a computer at work. Women use computers 43 percent more than men. Persons in managerial and professional positions 56 percent and technical and administrative positions 55 percent were most likely to use computers.

EOC will focus on the following segments. These segments are more interesting than other groups because they have the specific computer training needs EOC intends to meet.

Our slogan "Training with a personal touch" emphasizes one of our major benefits and we will use this slogan throughout our literature, advertising, and graphics. Our target market is very dependent on reliable information technology, training center business plan.


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training center business plan


The Greek Golf Training Centers is a golf complex in Athens, Greece that will provide members an opportunity to participate in continuous golf training with expert help. Golf Course Training Center Business Plan Sample - Executive Summary | Bplans. BUSINESS PLAN. Currently he works as an education and training officer with Kenya union of savings and credit co-operatives (kuscco). Mr Chepkurui who is the owner and director of Naet inspire has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Human resource management option and involveoqshz.ml Counseling both from Kenya Methodist university/5(13). The mission of the Training Centre is to provide high quality training to international and possibly also national and own account operators on all levels from drivers to managers in order to enable further development of international road transport system in Azerbaijan.